Trustee bonds

A Trustee Bond is generally needed for Settlement Trusts which are set up to manage the assets of an injured person following a Court Ordered award.  Speed and efficiency are vital to ensure the Trust is registered without delay.
Rodel Risk Solutions provide the following assistance to Trustees:
  • Knowledge of the inner workings of each individual Master’s office
  • Bonds of Security for Trustees who are attorneys, accountants or chartered financial planners
  • Bonds of Security for Non-Professionals where they are being assisted by a professional
Our approach has given us insight into our clients’ needs and we have created a unique facility to assist with the set up of Trusts.

The Rate for a Trustee Bond is 0.6% of the Bond Amount, plus VAT per annum. The annual premium can be calculated using our calculator.

** Please note the rate for a Trustee Bond is standard across all providers, so there is no need to shop around.
Trustee bonds are provided within our standard turnaround period of three days.