Who We Are

Rodel Risk Solutions is a specialised independent insurance broker servicing the legal and financial sectors.

Most corporate websites outline their servicesRodel Risk Solutions has a more holistic approach than just “a specialised insurance broker”. We bring a lot more to the table, including:

  •  Access to the largest number of insurers within this specific space
  •  Working knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of our clients
  •  Risk Mitigation for our insurer partners as well as our clients
  •  Common sense and logic – we don’t tick boxes, we find solutions

This approach has lead us to facilitate what we believe to be the largest Bond of Security (Court Bond) in South Africa – R1.6 billion, which was finalised within 3 days.

It would be nice if every day included a deal of this size but a normal day for us is assisting small to medium businesses with matters from R40 000 upwards, and always with the same approach – efficiently, effectively and with knowledge.

Rodel Risk Solutions was formed by Surety Solutions (FSP No. 1062) and Rodel Financial Services with the clear objective to offer these specialised insurance products to their existing and new clients.

Surety Solutions is a licensed South African insurance broker, regulated by the Financial Conduct Sector Authority of South Africa (FSCA) and Rodel Financial Services is a short-term lender in the property industry and strong relationships in the attorney, banking and real estate sectors.


Rodel Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Juristic Rep of Surety Solutions (Pty) Ltd FSP No. 1062